Vienna: A Mother-Daughter Trip to Remember!

By the time Mom and I made it to Vienna, we were ready to slow things down a notch.

Still unusually cold and rainy for May, we walked the streets of Vienna from our upscale Airbnb, passing by the State Opera, visiting the gothic St. Stephens Cathedral, and taking in the sights and smells of another famous street market, this one called the Naschmarkt.

We made early dinner reservations at a favorite historically designated restaurant of Mom’s from a prior visit, called Griechenbeisl where traditional Viennese cuisine is served and where Mom could order her all-time favorite dish of Wiener schnitzel! This restaurant is the oldest restaurant in Vienna, founded in 1447. It is near the Danube River and has a room called the ‘signatures room’ where one can find autographs on the walls of historic figures such as Mark Twain, Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert.

Before dinner, we had limited time so I dashed into the Albertina Museum on the way to Griechenbeisl. What a treat that was! In addition to seeing a few Klimt paintings, the “Roses” painting by Ferdinand George Walkmuller was breathtaking. From Monet to Picasso, Chagall, Cezanne, Degas and even many painters I hadn’t seen before, this relatively small museum is clearly worth a visit. When Mom had visited several years earlier, there was a special Van Gogh exhibit, but it was not on display any more. No worries. I loved all I saw. Besides the “Roses” painting, among my favorites were Degas’ “Two Dancers” and Chagall’s “Sleeping Woman with Flowers.”

I highly recommend this charming museum and hope to spend more time there again. My visual reminder of the beautiful art are some museum bookmarks and pretty post-cards. The museum book store was lovely as well.

The Nachsmarkt had stalls of food that intrigued us- with Mom stopping every now and then to ask what were some of the foods she was seeing. It was a visual delight!

We needed a slower paced stop along our way. We caught our breath and looked forward to a return to Milan, my home for the near future!