It’s time for delicious oranges from Sicily, which made me search for recipes using our ample orange supply. I came upon a traditional orange sponge cake made in Florence for Carnivale, the period before the Christian season of Lent. I quickly found a recipe in an American cookbook, using butter and all-purpose flour. However, I wanted to find an Italian recipe and this is what I used:

Finished product!

In Florence, families pass down their favorite version of this recipe over generations. Most Florentine family recipes apparently use olive oil made in the Tuscan region. Since we bought a flavorful olive oil from Tuscany, I decided to try it.

At first I worried the strong taste of the olive oil would overpower the cake, but it turned out light and delicious. With the recipe written in Italian, I had to look up words and measure ingredients with grams. It was fun! To read a different version of a recipe for this in English, look here:

We printed out the template for the Fleur-de-Lis, a symbol of Florence, and dusted the top with cocoa. Delizioso!